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iPhone 4S in Dubai

Posted on 2nd Oct 2011 @ 1:28 PM

iPhone 4S is now available in Dubai,

 You can now buy the iPhone 4S 16GB, we started delivering already.

Apple will indeed launch the iPhone 4S, an amazing iPhone that will be also launched in Dubai soon.
The iPhone 4S price in Dubai starts at 3197 aed including a free cover and free delivery.

- To pre-order the iPhone 4S, please go to the iPhone 4s pre-order page

You can now Buy the iPhone 4S in Dubai,
Buy the iphone 4S on this page at the best price +

Free bumper cover
Free delivery
Free cash on delivery
1 Year warranty and support


We already launched pre-orders for the iPhone 4S, please go to the iPhone 4s pre-order page

Fun Siri questions / answers :

Siri Demo, the new assistant on the iPhone 4S :

The amazing Siri assistant on the iPhone 4S, ask him something, (just talk to him) and he will do it for you.
- "Wake me up at 6 Am" would set up an alarm at 6 am on the day after. 
- "Schedule a meeting at 4pm with Dave" would add a meeting to your calendar, and if you already have a meeting at this time, it will answer back to you "You already have a meeting with Tony at 3.30 pm, should I move tony's meeting ?"
It looks amazing !
iPhone 4S assistant 

There might be only an iPhone 4S released by Apple and we were right, the iPhone 4S is now announced.


This should be one of the new things you will be able to do on the iPhone 4S :

More to come