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Buy the iPad 2 in Dubai

Posted on 3rd Apr 2011 @ 8:58 PM

You can now buy the iPad 2 in Dubai and the Emirates

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Thank you for following the Apple press conference with us on 2nd of March !
Below are the latest updates :

We will keep updating this page throughout the press conference to let you know about
the new iPad 2 and other products that might be announced.

During / After the conference update (more to come tomorrow thursday 3rd of March) :

The new iPad 2 :

- In 2 colors : Black and white
- 2 cameras
- Faster processor
- Better display
- Same price !
- 6 models (3 for wifi and 3 for 3G)
- Magnet case (5 different colors) putting the iPad in sleep mode when you put it and start it when you take it out.
- Choose what the side button is for (Mute or Block the screen rotation)
- PhotoBooth is now on the iPad 2 (photo effects etc ...)
- Facetime is included on the iPad 2, now, video call for free between iPhone 4, new iPod touch, new Mac and iPad 2 !!
- iMovie will be included on the iPad 2 (editing video software)
- Garage band is also available ! (music composing / editing software)

8pm update :

From cultofmac.com

This is a very tiny rumor, but in the silence before the storm, we have a few minutes to consider it: apparently, one still unpublicized hardware change in the iPad 2 is a new magnetic latch.

Way back in January, a reference to PAD_CASE_LOCK was found in the beta version of iOS 4.3, apparently a function that allows the iPad to automatically lock and unlock when you close the iPad cover. That seems pretty useful, except for the fact that the iPad seemingly doesn’t have any hardware that could make that feature work.

Now iLounge is reporting that the new iPad will be able of magnetically gripping the front flaps of folio-style cases. Not only will that make iPad cases more elegant, but iOS would know that when a lid was secured in the right position, the iPad would lock itself up tight.

Staggering genius? Not really, but it is one of those nice little touches that Apple is just so good at.


1pm update :

This screenshot was taken yesterday on the Amazon website :

The latest rumors on the iPad 2 (available soon in Dubai)

From our information + web articles :

- 9.7-inch screen (same as the current iPad)
- 1.2GHz CPU
- Wi-Fi
- Thunderbolt
- Camera
- Bluetooth
- Available 17th of March

From Gizmodo.com :

• Two cameras. One on the back for gigant-o photography, and one on the front for FaceTime. Obvious design moves, both, and maybe a chance to switch on a rumored PhotoBooth for iPad, (along with the obvious Camera and FaceTime apps).
• Apple's next-gen A5 (or whatever it'll be called) processor—most likely the multi-core ARM Cortex A9.
• The inclusion of a PowerVR SGX543 graphics chip, giving the iPad 2 a fourfold increase in visual performance.
• A hi-res retina display (or not). This one's tricky. Clues inside iBooks 1.1 and 1.2 revealed mysterious double-resolution (2048x1536) art—perhaps for a beefed up screen on the iPad 2. Conversely, the usually-correct John Gruber's given this rumor the thumbs-down.

• The WSJ is claiming the iPad 2 will be both thinner and lighter, with 9to5Mac cosigning, publishing spy shots of a leaner display sporting a svelter bezel.
• A dedicated SD slot, which would make the iPad 2 a killer copilot for roving photographers.
A dual GSM / CDMA chipset, allowing the iPad 2 to cruise both AT&T and Verizon's networks—which makes sense, now that Apple is all hand-holdy with the latter.
• A flatter back—fine with us, as long as it's easy on the hands.
A bigger, better speaker 


Latest photo of the iPad 2 (if genuine) :